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Department of redundancy department

Double whammy

Two for the price of one?

Destination: London Heathrow

Destination: London. And 2014.

Sehr lecker!

Destination: Parigi

Destination: Paris (encore une fois!)

We are not amused

Destination: Kona / Catch of the day

No thank you

June Birchbox

Destination: En-Why-Cee

Mal traduit?


Licious. Just licious.

Unsavory connotations

Destination: The ski resorts of Summit County, Colorado

Bright line rules

In front of my nose

Hawaiian dreams

NSFW or for Dad

The cachet of English

Destination: Marina di Ragusa's finest caffè

July Birchbox

Destination: Sicily and non-ladybrain wine

Destination: Sicily, where sex sells

Destination: Sicily

The skeptic in me ...

Woe is me

Destination: DC

Face time

I'm still alive*

Drinking with my ladybrain, debut edition

Destination: Munich

When you gonna drop Magnum on us, buddy?

Sanctimonious infringement?

Must not

A visit to World Market

The sacrifices I make

I don't understand the question and I won't respond to it

Good thing we're not British

Going green

Why not just spell it "roo-ee"?

Cage Match

A trip to H Mart; or, how we spent our fall break.

When slang hurts you

Destination: Kent

Destination: Our Nation's Capital

Destination: Maui

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Looks like dinner time around here

RIP My InStyle Subscription

Destination: Santa Fe

Descriptive AND Disgusting

New Year Stuff and Nonsense

Luscious, but lame


Destination: Norway (actually, Epcot at Disney World)

Apple? Overreaching again?

Just some reminders . . .

Complaining about the noisy neighbors on board the Titanic

Deceptively misdescriptive?

Destination: Costco

Local caffeination

Destination: Nice

Destination: Cagnes-sur-mer

Another French name fail

Destination: Seattle

And here's one where they might've gotten it wrong

Sometimes the PTO does get it right!

Destination: Silver Spring, MD

Destination: Paris et les jeux de mots

The feta cheese precedent

Lame name, unappealing concept

An article both accurate and mouth-watering


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